The History of Middleford (from about 1650 or so….)

A Brief History:

Middleford  Township was formed on October 1, 1794, while the area was still part of  the burgeoning Eastchester Land Tract. Middleford  expanded its boundaries as it appended the sprawling nearby towns of Wycke Hollow and Norman’s Landing. The land tracts of  the nearby town of Olim, (which was settled in 1693, flourished then failed, and abandoned in 1777), were also added to the growing township. Middleford was  incorporated as one of the state’s first 113 townships by an Act of the Common State Legislature on March 21, 1798. It became part of the newly created Springfield (formerly Fairchild) County on March 1, 1841.


Wycke Hollow

In 1684 a small contingent of Puritans under the leadership of Jonathan Van Wycke left England and settled in the area, forming a religious town that is now known  as Wycke Hollow. Although in search of religious freedom, they found the climate and soil perfect for raising animals and growing crops. However, their mission of religious worship coupled with their desire to have their children grow up and become the best educated citizens in the region forced them to abandon their agricultural efforts and focus on religion, education, business, and government.



Around 1693 a group of farmers and trappers from Europe came to the region and founded the community of Olim. Led by Jacob Olim and Jeremiah Blackwell, the settlers adapted well to their new yet unfriendly surroundings, picking up on the agricultural efforts dismissed by the settlers of Wycke Hollow a decade earlier.


Norman’s Landing

The import of materials and the export of both goods and finished products were a difficult endeavor in the American Colonies, and a port town was needed in order to ship the goods down the many creeks and waterways found in the region. In 1751 a young sailor and enterprising boat captain by the name of Matthew Norman formed the community that bears his name on the waterways of the Big Cedar Creek, and created an avenue for the three towns to flourish.



Middleford Township has an area of 33.28 square miles, made up of woodlands, lakes, creeks, and active farmsteads.

As of the 2010 United States Census, the township had a total population of 28,218, giving our township a low density of homes, and affording the community with acres upon acres of untouched natural beauty.